A Little Nightmare Music - Igudesman & Joo

Just when you thought it was safe … the concert begins. The music is sublime. Not even a pin would dare drop. Suddenly, a mobile phone rings and the madness starts. The pianist loses his hand, the violinist falls asleep and later wakes up in the middle of a motorway, transformed into a “Riverdancer”. The violinist loses his bow to a vacuum cleaner and his partner just talks on the phone while read¬ing a paper, eating and playing the piano upside down all at the same time. These and many other “nightmares” unfold before audiences’ eyes and ears. A Little Nightmare Music is a unique show, full of virtuosity, enchanting music and zany, outrageous humour. Ideal for audiences aged 8 to 88, this show is sure to captivate you and crack you up whether you’re a classical music enthusiast or the type who runs for cover at the mere mention of Mozart.

Pjazza Teatru Rjal
A Little Nightmare Music: Igudesman & Joo